Jerome Brich - Guitar & Vocals
Who in the heck is Jerome Brich anyway?
I started playing guitar when I was around ten years old, inspired partly by my Dad's extensive and very eclectic record collection and my Aunt Marilyn, who gave me my first guitar. It was an old plywood-bodied Silvertone with a neck like a baseball bat and action so high it gave you cramps. But man, I loved that thing! I'm glad to say I've moved up the six-string food chain over the years and now play Larrivee, Taylor, Breedlove, Gibson, Fender and Godin guitars.
When I was really young, our family's stereo (remember stereos?) might have Johnny Cash playing one minute, followed by a Sousa march, Peter, Paul and Mary, some Dixieland, Mahalia Jackson, The Ventures, a broadway soundtrack, and some Chet Atkins followed by some Beatles. I was not starved for musical diversity! Later on, I leaned heavily toward the 60's and 70's rock I grew up on and also singer/songwriters like Neil Young, Bruce Cockburn, Jackson Browne, Rickie Lee Jones, Tom Waits, James Taylor, etc. Those writers are a big influence on the music I listen to and play now.
Like many musicians, playing and singing at church was my first experience with playing in public. That, plus four years of high school choir! Since then I've played guitar in a lot of different bands, starting with Ozone, Thundernut, The Hoot Band and The Boyles Brother's Band in the '70's, to Norman & the Rockwells, The Hostages and Supply and Demand in the 80's. In the '90's; The Heebee Jeebies, Stakeout, Closenuf, and The Trailer Kings from 1999-2000. Since 2001 I've been playing solo and performing steadily in the acoustic duo Brich & Killion.
I play at coffee houses, bars, wineries, private parties, weddings, even funerals! Let's face it, I'll play anywhere I can!
I am also the founder of FolkHouse My wife Mary and I host this concert series in our home and feature performances by talented singer/songwriters and instrumentalists from all over North America, Europe and Asia. Join the FolkHouse email list.
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