Jerome Brich - Guitar & Vocals
Performance Calendar

8/31     Jerome at The Hop Yard
9/01     Jerome & Clark Ewalt at Havana Garage
9/16     Brich & Killion at Breezy Hills Winery
9/28     Brich & Killion at Waubonsie Station
9/29     Brich & Killion at Private Event
9/30     Brich & Killion at James Arthur Vineyards
10/5     Jerome at Cathedral Fest 7-9pm
10/11   Brich & Killion at Private Event
10/13   Brich & Killion at Vino Mas
10/28   Brich & Killion at Bodega Victoriana
11/2     Brich & Killion at The Hop Yard
12/14   Brich & Killion at The Hop Yard

I am always seeking solo and Brich & Killion Duo bookings for all engagements. Holiday parties, wineries, coffee shops, bars, private gatherings, wedding ceremonies etc. 
Contact me at or by phone at 402-598-7955. 

FolkHouse Concerts Calendar
FolkHouse is the house concert series I've been hosting since May, 2000. Join us for nationally touring top-notch singer/songwriters performing in an intimate setting. There's no better way to see live music! 
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